Bask in the Beauty of Inspirational Art Sculptures in Kensington, CA

The talent and creativity which goes into every work produced by Daub & Firmin Sculpture Studios are rivaled only by the beauty of the final products revealed to the public. We produce inspirational art sculptures in Kensington, CA, that do much more than mere justice to the subject. Whether it’s a person from history or one from mythology, our pieces of artwork capture the true essence of the individual and preserve it for all time so they can be shared by the entire world.

We are thoroughly experienced experts in design and sculpting and deep and insightful historical research for public-art sculptures of great individuals, significant events, high ideals, and more.

A Lasting Legacy

Our historical art sculptures are found across the United States and proudly create enduring legacies that carry on the messages of hope, integrity, and pride that the subjects stood for.

When our team marks a special event with a piece of art, we follow our all-consuming passion for creating a piece that breathes life into the moment. The result is a sculpture that continues to live and carry its impact into the future.

We consider it an honor to create public monumental art and take this responsibility very seriously. Our art provides a link to the moments and people that matter, and by exploring the character of the subject, we feel that our sculptures provide a worthy testament.

Contact us to learn more about our art. We proudly serve art lovers in Kensington, CA, and beyond.